Edmundbyers, St Edmund’s

Dr Sheila Newton (Churchwarden) 01207 255698
Mrs June Scott (Churchwarden) 01207 255644

Mrs Joan Anderson (Secretary) 01207 255236
Mike Newton (Treasurer) 01207

St. Edmund’s is a simple Norman Church set on the westem edge of Edmundbyers where the road leads up to the moors. Built round a village green this picturesque village is surrounded by farms and lies in the beautiful Derwent Valley.
The south-facing churchyard is unusual in that it boasts a ha-ha, while the church itself has a stone altar slab which lay hidden for 300 years after the Reformation until it was restored to its present site in 1855. St. Edmund’s woodwork shows country prudence and has been recycled from many sources including Auckland Castle, Bristol and Durham Cathedral.

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