Christmas Services 2016

Christmas Services in the Moorland Group: a rich feast!

Come and join us at any of of services over Christmas this year.

We begin our Carol-fest at Waskerely, by candlight on December 11 at 3pm, followed by refreshments. There’ll be more candlelight at Muggleswick the following week, December 18 at 3pm and at Hunstanworth at 4.30pm, both followed by refreshments (fizz at Hunstanworth).                          Edmundbyers looks forward to its Carol Service at 6pm.                                  Slaley Family Carols will be, as usual, at 5pm on Friday 23 December            Christmas Eve sees popular Carols Services all at 6pm at Blanchland, Healey and Whittonstall.                                                                       Christmas Communion is at Slaley at 9pm on Christmas Eve and then at 23.30 in Edmundbyers.  Finally on    Christmas morning there’s Holy Communion at Healey at 9am and Wittonstall 10.30.                                 Full details of all services in December are on the ‘Services this month’ page.

We look forward to seeing you!

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